EGGS!!!! …oOOOo…o…

Love your Eggs? Here are some extra egg recipes…


Egg Mayo Tuna Salad

A massive Sandwich Filler or Mix with cold cooked pasta for a filling meal.

Ingredients: 3-4 eggs, can of tuna (or can of salmon),  small onion, 1/2 lemon, 2 heaped tablespoons of mayo, salt, pepper

Extras can be: mustard, salad dressing, cold pasta, capers, chopped olives, chopped or grated gherkin, chopped celery, paprika powder, dried chilli flakes, tabasco…

  1. Put eggs into a pot with cold water and bring to a boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling, continue to boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Cut up onion and drain tuna while the eggs cook.
  4. Once the eggs are done their 10 minute soak, remove from heat immediately and rinse with COLD water to stop the cooking process.
  5. Continue to rinse the eggs until you can hold them to remove the shell.
  6. Remove the shell, rinse away any shell particles and cut into chunks (or small pieces if you like a finer texture).
  7. Mix the egg, tuna, onion in a bowl with a fork. Squeeze 1/2 lemon over it and mix.
  8. Add mayo, pinch of salt and pepper, (little mustard or salad dressing, paprika or chilli flakes/ tabasco to your liking) and mix. Taste and adjust mayo for right consistency.
  9. Enjoy in a sandwich or toast, fill a small baguette an heat in oven for a warm meal; Serve cold on top of a plate of mixed salad: greens, lettuce, cucumber, etc, with tomatoes, chopped peppers.

Add cold cooked pasta, but may need to add more lemon juice + olive oil and salt. Other extras are: olives, capers, a grated or finely chopped gherkin, chopped celery, chopped apple…



Spaghetti CARBONARA or Any Pasta with Bacon and Eggs


Ingreedients: 3-4 eggs, bacon or lardons, pasta, salt & pepper, cheddar or parmesan or pecorino cheese, olive oil, garlic clove

Extras: Single/double cream, creme fraiche, fromage frais, philadelphia or other cream cheese, chopped parsley or basil.

  1. Boil any pasta as you would, in salty water with a spoon of oil / olive oil.
  2. Grate a little cheddar or parmesan or pecorino cheese into a bowl.
  3. Break 3-4 eggs into another bowl, add a pinch of salt, pepper and beat with a fork until mixed – you can add a spoon of cream, creme fraiche, or fromage fraise or even philadelphia/cream cheese to make it moister or creamier…
  4. Drain pasta
  5. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in frying pan, add the chopped bacon or lardons, fry until ready
  6. when bacon ready, add a crushed garlic clove and mix, fry fo 10 seconds
  7. add drained pasta, mix a little, fry again for 10-20 seconds
  8. add beaten egg, stir and cook for a couple of minutes or so, stirring gently, so that the egg cooks
  9. sprinkle with grated cheese and if you wish, some chopped parsley or basil..




Super-Simple Creamy Egg Curry

South Indian Egg Curry with Lentil Pilau

What day do eggs hate most? Fry-day!
What did Snow White call her chicken? Egg white.
How do eggs leave the motorway? By going through the eggs-it.


Check out some Prawn and Egg recipes on an earlier page…

And finally, a Halloween Egg Special…



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