Prawns are great, lots of protein, no fat. You can buy them already cooked or raw, fresh or frozen, shelled or un-shelled, I would buy shelled ones.

Because they cook in minutes, buy cooked or raw, whichever is cheaper, on offer.

King AND common-or-garden pleb prawn taste the same, the difference is size, and price… and yes, they ALL shrink when cooked!…


If they are raw, once de-frosted, you can stir-fry or sautee them in a tablespoon of olive oil or butter for 5 minutes, boil for 2 minutes in a little bubbling water, or microwave for a minute or two, basically once they turn pink, they are cooked.

If you are using already cooked ones, they are ready to eat or use in salads, use according to the recipe, but shorten the cooking time, add them to pizzas, mix with a spoonful of mayo for a hearty sandwich or just snack on them from the packet!…

Very Easy Recipes:



Jamie’s easy spaghetti with prawns
Chilli Prawn Linguine
Egg fried Rice with Prawns and Peas
Spanish Prawn Rice – great in cold weather and easy!
Lemon and garlic prawns – serve over pasta or rice or bread or salad
Scrambled egg stir-fry
Spanish Egg with Prawns
Scrambled egg with prawns – instead of chives add a pinch of dry parsley to the raw egg
Prawn Cocktail Salad – with avocado, try buying softer ones (not squishy)
Layered Prawn Salad – add any salad veg, tomato, spring onion, celery, watercress, rocket, chopped hard boiled egg…
Jamie’s Prawn Noodle Soup – very simple, use any chicken stock cube, bak choi is pak choi, also add broccoli, strips or thin slices of carrots, sliced mushrooms, frozen peas,sugarsnaps or mange tout, baby sweetcorn, etc.


I will add some curry and stir-fry recipes later, they are more complex.


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